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Maria Stern Rose ProductID: 6849

Ordering Information

Description Price Qty
Maria Stern Rose
(Reg. $14.99)
(Qty 1)
Maria Stern Rose
(Qty 2)
Maria Stern Rose
(Qty 4)
Maria Stern Rose
(Qty 8)
Maria Stern Rose

Item #6849 Rosa

Lighting: sun, part
Plant Height: 3-6'
Ground Condition: Well drained, rich
Hardiness Zone: 3 - 10

The Maria Stern is a velvety, orange-apricot colored rose with non-fade blooms and a spicy fragrance. It is a vigorous grower and has no mid summer slump. Very disease resistant.

Fully double, everblooming roses!

These famous hybrid tea roses were bred by Dr. Walter D. Brownell from hardy northern varieties. The Maria Stern is a vigorous rose; they can survive bitter cold as well as burning hot summer heat. Fully double, produce months of beauty for the landscape. This winter hardy, SUB-ZEROŽ ROSE variety requires little care and little to no spraying. They are almost completely immune to blackspot and other common rose problems.

Improve in size and number as years go by!

Too many roses reach their peak of beauty the first year. This lovely SUB-ZEROŽ SUPER ROSE increases in size and productivity as the years go by. You can expect to have as many as 100 blooms on 4-year old bushes.

Bloom in 60-90 days!

This super hardy hybrid Tea Rose blooms month after month all summer long. Has an unforgettable fragrance too. This SUB-ZEROŽ ROSE is a strong, healthy hybrid and lives for years! It is known to out-bloom and out-live other varieties. They grow as far south as Florida and as far north as Maine. These outstanding, winter hardy, hybrid tea roses survive 15° below zero temperatures without protection! They need only light protection even when temperatures reach 35° below zero. These are husky 2 year, field grown plants.

Hybridizer wins awards for SUB-ZERO roses!

The late Dr. Walter D. Brownell developed the superb hybrid tea rose for sub-zero climates. He received many awards for his pioneering achievements in this area.

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