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Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be processed. We will then ship based on weather and availability of the plants. We continue to ship through the summer months as much as possible. Most bulbs and perennials are usually available by September. Some deciduous trees and shrubs are not available until October. Certain fruit trees will not be shipped until Spring 2017.

Feature Items

Maypop Passion Flower

This native vine produces gorgeous fragrant flowers from mid to late summer on 6-8' vines. The flowers turn into edible fruit called 'maypops'. The fragrant flowers attract flocks of butterflies.
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Skyrocket Juniper

Tall and narrow like a rocket! Growing only 2-3' wide, this stately, columnar juniper makes the perfect addition to any landscape - even those with tight spaces. This fast growing evergreen develops naturally in the 'rocket' shape.
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Mixed Tulip Bulbs

1 Sale!
They burst forth with color in early spring and bloom for years without replanting! We offer tulips in a brilliant color range, including sparkling reds, yellows, whites, pinks, two-tones and many rich dark shades.
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3 Bouquet Tulips a $75.00 or more order


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